• Rafiki Interactive

    The word “Rafiki” can be defined as friend in Swahili. Thus we are a friendly "Interactive" company

    What we do?

    Rafiki Interactive is a casual Christian game development company for the mobile and casual market. The games that we develop have an underlying positive message and yet same amount of fun you get with any other game. Enjoy games for what the are, not just the shock value of the graphics or violence. Family is always a center focus in our designs as we produce our games.

    Who we are!

    This company was founded by Christians that wanted to to give the next generation a chance to have wholesome and yet entertaining games. The gaming industry is the perfect platform for a ministry for the 21st generation children. Every talent that you have should be used to glorify the Lord. Thus the birth of Rafiki Interactive, a platform for creative Christians that love to play, publish, and create Christian content.

  • Refugium 2

    Color Matching Defense Game
    RGB projectiles for the RGB baddies
    See how far you can make it.


    • Fast Action Pace
    • Puzzle Components
    • Original Soundtrack
    • Safe fun for kids

    Quantum Blur

    If you like Tron as a child or Surround for the Atari 2600 and wanted to know if you if have what it takes to control a Light cycle, hop in!  Quantum Blur is a one button family friendly game of focus and reaction time.

    Quantum Blur

    How long can you ride without crashing. Your cycle speeds up after every 500 points, Good Luck!


    Bese Saka

    The Arcade Survival Action Hopper is a retro game of simple, but well thought out goodness. How far can you make it? Your character will need to search for health for survival, ammo for defense, and gather coins along your journey to unlock more characters.

    Product Features:

    Gather coin to unlock levels and characters.

     This game is for the Mobile and Amazon FireTv

    • Survival skills
    • Time Management
    • Ammo Management
    • Fun for the Family


    An evil spirit name WormWood fell to the earth along time ago. This present-day town, now called WormWood Oak, is hive of iniquities. If you can't save 100 souls before sunset this town will be destroyed. Using your faith to call evil spirits from the possessed people and rebuking them is the only way you can save them and lead them to the church.

    Be mindful of your doubt, that is the enemy of faith. If your doubt reaches 25, the town is loss and game over. Time is being granted by His grace that you receive. The more grace you gather the more time you have to be about your business.



    Safe family fun for Amazon's micro-console, the Amazon FireTV. There are not a lot of Christian games out there on any system to this day. So we as a Christian Game Development company, created one of our many Christian IP's in a way it can go straight to you without extra filters. Being able to allow the fruits of our creativity give glory to God, is a dream come true.


    Enjoy the game and be Blessed,


    Malcolm C. Williams CEO of Rafiki Interactive

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